B. Happy (1999)
A Cartoon Network "World Premiere Toon" series (www.
Originally produced in Flash 3.0

In each episode B. Happy, a reluctant Bluebird Of Happiness, is dispatched to earth by The Goddess Maureen to help determine a case of personal human misery. If B. Happy chooses incorrectly he is made personally miserable himself by the angry Goddess. If he chooses correctly, he is rewarded with complex carbohydrates. The viewer (augmented by the technological marvel of CLICK-O-RAMA™) helps the decide the fate of each case and of B. Happy himself.

"Deliciously warped"
- The Boston Globe

"Too wild for TV!"
- The Daily Texan


- Playboy


- Associated Press

"A lesson in how to do it right"
- The Village Voice

Created, Written & Directed by Mark Newgarden
Executive Producers: John Carlin, Mark Newgarden
Creative Directors: Peter Girardi, Chris Capuzzo
Producers: Kristin Ellinington, Denise Rotina
Co- producer: Laura Rosenberg Kraning

Production Assistants: Mia Lotringer, Seth Cooper

Technical Director: Veronique Brossier
Title Design: Peter Girardi
Lead Animator: Devin Flynn
Animation: Veronique Brossier, John F. Brzyski, Xeth Feinberg
Additional Animators: Dave Redl, Jason Sawtelle
Inking: Bill "Ink Slugger" Alger, Valerie Cillufo, Megan Montgue Cash
Audio Production:
Seth Cooper
Voices: Susan B. Murray, Russ Reiley, Brian Dewan
Music and Sound Design: Brian Dewan

A Funny Garbage Production

Episode 1: The Case of The Pity Kitty
Episode 2: The Case of The Hiccuping Arteest
Episode 3: The Case of The Bawling Baby
Episode 4: A Personal Message To You From B. Happy

B. Happy ran 24 hours a day on from 1999- 2003. Unfortunately, we cannot present the episodes here. If you would like to see the return of B. Happy please email, call, or write the executives at