The Ganzfeld 4: Art History

Edited by Monday Morning Productions
Gingko Press, 288 pages, published September, 2005

Another fine edition of Dan Nadel's diverting cabinet of curiosa. Newgarden contributions include a colorful big nose gag and an illustrated appreciation of cartoonist and silent film animator, Frank Moser.

The Education of A Comics Artist

Edited by Michael Dooley and Steven Heller
Allworth Press, 265 pages, published June, 2005

Several generations of working cartoonists and comics industry stiffs bitch, moan, pontificate, ruminate, ramble, evade, enlighten, share and occasionally laff. Read it to the kids every night before bedtime!

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Issue 13

Edited By Chris Ware
McSweeney's, 263 pgs, published June 2004

Vintage Newgarden Little Nun strips were colorized for Chris Ware's dense, loving and supremely tactile compendium which boasts a world class lineup of comics workers. My favorite contributions included: Mark Beyer, Robert Crumb, Kim Deitch, David Heatley, George Herriman's final Krazy Kat dailies, Ben Katchor, Richard McGuire, Seth, Gary Panter and Chris Ware.


Selected Anthologies

The Ganzfeld 3, Monday Morning Productions

The Ganzfeld 2, The Kaput Press Inc.

The 50 Greatest Cartoons, Turner Press (essay)

The Big Book of Urban Legends, Paradox Press

The Art of Mickey Mouse, Hyperion Press

The Best Comics of the '80s, Fantagraphics Books

Read Yourself Raw, Penguin Books

The Best of Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy, Henry Holt (essay)

The New Illustration, Society of Illustrators Press

The Best of LCD: The Art and Writing of WFMU-FM

Edited by Dave the Spazz
Princeton Architectural Press, 238 pages, published September, 2007

I nearly forgot everything I ever contributed to WFMU's long running program guide but here it is allover again to haunt me forever in a deluxe bound edition! Includes such vintage ephemera from the 1980s and 1990s as essays, comics, trading card, t-shirt and cover designs by a veritable Who's Who of cartoonists, illustrators and writers.

Taking Things Seriously

Edited by Joshua Glenn and Carol Hayes
Princeton Architectural Press, 176 pages, published September, 2007

Essays on precious, diverse objects that have touched the lives of an intriguing assembly of artists, writers and thinkers. Herein is revealed the childhood attachment to a Mickey Mouse Soaky and a dubious brush with fame that became Newgarden family legend.

Howl: A Collection of the Best Contemporary Dog Wit

From the editors of BARK magazine
Crown, 352 pages, published October, 2007

Plenty more dog humor from the good folks who bring you BARK magazine. Includes a brief Newgarden essay on Ernie Bushmiller's infamous HOW TO HOUSEBREAK YOUR DOG.