By Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash
Harcourt Books, hardback, 56 pages, published July, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-15-205813-5

Advance Praise:

"What an odd, sweet, surreal and hilarous adventure from Newgarden and Cash. It's what Crockett Johnson, Ernie Bushmiller and Rod Serling might have come up with if they shared a bench at the doggie park, I love it!"
- Lane Smith

"Bow-Wow is like Bee-Bop; you can read it quick or spend your time with it. Either way, it swings."
- Mo Willems


A little black speck of a bug leads a feisty yellow terrier on an increasingly surreal trip around his neighborhood in a brilliantly whimsical wordless romp. When the bug descends on Bow-Wow's dog dish, a scowl descends on his features and off he sets to teach it a lesson. Comic-strip panels advance the action with perfect pacing, the Photoshopped sameness of Bow-Wow's suburban neighborhood providing a bland, impossibly regular background to ever more zany situations, which include meeting mirror images of himself and the bug, encountering giant-sized versions of both himself and the bug and armies of bug-pursuing dogs and dog-pursuing bugs. Long shots and close-ups hilariously assist in the progress of the narrative, cinematic convention adapting perfectly to the medium. The aforementioned blandly regular background combines with bold, clean lines and a sunnily uncomplicated palette to keep what might in other hands be a rather terrifying journey into 1950s horror/sci fi from overwhelming young readers. Call it a kinder, gentler Twilight Zone in which the doughty protagonist is allowed to return home to bowl and bed at the end of the day. Thoroughly inspired.
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Eminently charming...enormously fresh and modern"
- Publishers Weekly
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"Get "Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug"
- Critical Shopper, NY Times
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"Brilliant...The art has a cozy, old-fashioned comic-strip look...there's a lot of swift action, and it can be some time before the reader realizes that there is no text..."
- New York Newsday
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"The weirdest bit of kidlit fluff I've seen in a very long time...(Newgarden and Cash) know how to play for laughs by balancing out visual humor with sheer out-and-out ridiculousness. Impressive."
- Fuse#8
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"The clever circular plot is funny, quirky, and even suspenseful, working well as a wordless picture book."
- The School Library Journal (starred review)

"(I was) shocked and delighted...I found myself laughing out loud at the absurdity and approachability of this title."
- Practially Paradise, The blog of the School Library Journal
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"Appealing...simple black lines and dots do the speaking."
- The Horn Book

"Hip and witty"
- Family Fun Magazine

"Involving, amusing and even surprisingly surrealistic."
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"Silly and sophisticated"
- Journal Star
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"Utterly absurd and adorable all at once, this is the first in a range of children's/all-ages' comic strip albums in which Bow-Wow, a new canine cartoon superstar, is born."
- Paul Gravett, on Comics and Graphic Novels
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"It has the series of escalating variations and freaky non-logic of most kids' books I liked at that age, and the satisfying, warm ending that kids like me used to demand."
- The Comics Reporter
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